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Jejuttre Violet Smoothie in the morning



What is morning for me?

I am tired and have no taste

I used to use my smartphone until I was sleeping and my eyes were bad ......


So have you drink Jejuttre Violet Smoothie in the morning?


Jejuttre Violet Smoothie is sour and sweet and contains super food blueberries, blackberries and mulberries

This Violet Smoothie is made by mixed berries which have rich anthocyanin

Anthocyanin in berry's violet color is good for heart and eyes health

And berries are highly antioxidizing and have mineral including vitamin A, C which relieves stress


Here are tips to eat more delicious Jejuttre Violet Smoothie on busy morning

Enjoy yourself eat mix milk and yogurt on Violet Smoothie, or with nutritious nuts & fruits together


Violet energy has completed charging in the morning!



  • 2018 Jinsan Beverage's Workshop

  • Jejuttre Violet Smoothie in the morning

  • I drink the summer of Jeju

  • I drink red of Jeju

  • I fill with poppy flowers of Jeju

  • I drink a flaming sunset of Jeju