Management Philosophy

There are two ways in which manufactured products are recognized by customers: low prices or new experience. Lowering the price of a product can be achieved by the simple task of innovating manufacturing processes or identifying cost reduction factors. Providing new experiences for customers and getting paid for so ding is an advanced business model for the future, for which the Internet of Things must be the foundation.The Internet of Things refers to the value of manufactured goods is digitalized and provided to customers.

How can we satisfy our customers’ needs with our digitalized products?

Our mission starts from here.The center of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the consumer, and manufacturers play the role of making it happenThe Smart Factory is essential for the implementation of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and research, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, sales, and service should be connected through devices.This is our task and how quickly we can achieve it will determine how fast we will reach the future.

  • Manner

    Jinsan keeps to the principles. Maintaining humanity,
    keep categories but without discrimination.

  • Intelligence

    Jinsan leads the charge.
    It always makes an effort to adapt to changes and innovations.

  • Need

    Jinsan meets its customers’ demands. With a desire to achieve its goals, Jinsan always makes an effort.

The value of Jinsan comes from its R&D efforts.

Jinsan does not neglect its R&D operations. Through sustained investments in R&D, Jinsan maximizes its value.Korean and foreign beverage markets increasingly focus on healing, health, and eco-friendly qualities.

Jinsan sustains its research and development efforts to satisfy the demands of rapidly-changing beverage markets. In addition to launching smoothie products focusing on health qualities, Jinsan is continuing its investment in researching and developing coffee and other products.