Ethical Management

A company must serve its community.

A company can develop thanks to its local community, country, and the global society.
Corporate benefits must go not only to a small number of owners, but also to the community, company, and employees who contributed to the generation of the profits.

Ladybugs do not damage the nature in which they live. In addition, they do not have reputations as a harmful or beneficial life form.
They simply maintain their role in the ecosystem through their existence.


Realization of Healthful Life

What is the ultimate goal of Food Life?
This is the mission for Jinsan. Realization of Healthful Life through ‘Food’ is what Jinsan pursues.

The company manages raw materials of beverages, transportation, and production of finished products so as not to lose the advantages of raw materials. In addition, we produce fully sterile disinfected packaging systems. The venture company Jinsan realizes trusted products through HACCP, US FDA and CCIC in China.

The foundation of Jinsan created technology, motivation created promoted creativity

The foundation of Jinsan created technology, motivation created promoted creativity/R&D and imagination created innovation, and innovation perfected mankind’s development.

Jinsan, part of MIN under Daesung Co., Ltd, launched in 1995, was established in 2016 based on accumulated technology and innovation. Jinsan produces fruit and vegetable beverages using healthy ingredients sourced from Jeju Island.